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HONG KONG - July 22, 2012

1,250 sqm of Decoflex Universal COMBI Sports Flooring System will be installed at the Hong Kong Football Club indoor sports halls. The sub floor has a double layer plywood base supported by special rubber pads. Such a sub floor is area elastic and has a vertical bending resistance - it has the ability to deform a point load concentrically over a considerably larger area. Our point elastic Decoflex Universal Sports Flooring system - which is a flexible, elastic floor has the characteristic to deform a point load which is only slightly larger than the size and shape of the area being loaded - was then installed onto this resilient plywood base, to provide for a combi-elastic sports floor. A combi-elastic construction such as this is therefore an area-elastic floor with a point elastic top covering. Such a system has the characteristic ability that a point load on the surface will create both a concentric deformation of the whole floor over a larger area and a deformation of the sport surface only slightly bigger than the size and shape of the area being directly loaded. This system therefore provides for the best of both worlds of resiliency. THE Hong Kong Football Club (Abbreviation: HKFC) is a private members sports and social club in Hong Kong. It is situated in Happy Valley, with the sports pitches being inside the Happy Valley Racecourse. The HKFC has facilities for lawn bowls, rugby, football, hockey, squash, and tennis. The indoor sports hall has facilities for netball, basketball and badminton. The swimming pool complex is used for triathlon training. Since 1986 the Club has held an International 10-a-side rugby tournament, which has grown to become a leading competition, hosting international standard teams from around the world. It is held at the Club in the week immediately preceding the Hong Kong Sevens. Another well known event held at Sports Road is the International Soccer 7s Tournament. Primarily comprising teams filled with junior players, it attracts international teams from the English and Scottish Premiership, J-League (Japan) and Dutch First Division.