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Rephouse Equine Rubber Flooring are made in such a way that they are virtually indestructible. They are available in a variety of thicknesses and colors. They add an elegance with their appearance, enhancing the beauty and safety of your facility.

Made of a combination of recycled rubber and a non-toxic polyurethanes, these rubber floors are manufactured in such a way as to be virtually indestructible and yet be environmentally friendly at the same time.
Rephouse Equine Rubber Floors are available in different thicknesses and colored tops to suit almost any budget.

Use Rephouse Equine Rubber Flooring for your parades, barn aisles, tack-up areas, walking paths and even driveways. Promote the well being of your horses by providing them with a comfortable, non-slip surface on which they feel confident, calm, secure and relaxed. Those slippery, heavy, high-maintenance, curl-up-at-the-edges black rubber mats are a thing of the past. Use Rephouse Equine Rubber Flooring instead.

Rephouse Equine Rubber Flooring has been installed at many reputable top class facilities around the globe including the 2004 Athens Olympics, Anhauser-Busch Clydesdale Farm, Macau Jockey Club, Flemington Race Course, Melbourne (venue of the annual Melbourne Cup) and Jebel Ali Stables to name but a few.

Evopave™ Rubber Interlocking Pavers

Evopave™ Rubber Interlocking pavers are fully elastic, weather proof, water permeable, frost proof, durable and slip resistant. Made of tough rubber particles that are bound by a MDI polyurethane binder.

Evoflex™ Seamless Polyurethane Flooring

Evoflex™ is unique: the floor is totally seamless and therefore bacteria and waste can be kept to a minimum. The finished surface is sand paper like to ensure good grip and slip resistance.

Evoflex™ with Armorgrip™ is a “Mark II“ development of the original Evoflex™ Seamless Polyurethane Flooring System – but supplied with a more rougher, slip resistant finish. This new system is also a tough, comfortable, slip resistant hygienic floor. It bears the same unique benefits as its cousin mentioned above: the floor is totally seamless and impermeable allowing the floor to kept clean and germ free.